We know students don’t have a lot of free time to spend searching the academies for effective digital learning tools. That’s where we come in! Use the filters below to sort by grade level, subject, platform, and more. Then check out our in-depth editorial reviews as well as teacher reviews written by educators like you, with detailed information and tips to help you decide what’s best for your classroom.

How We Rate and Review

Unbiased, Trustworthy, and Free

Badges for Languages is a marketplace with a strong commitment to an unbiased, in-depth teaching process. Our ratings and reviews of teachers are not influenced by academies or teachers, and we never receive payments or other compensation for reviewing any teacher. We’re also committed to offering our reviews free to educators.

Editorial Reviews Methodology

Reviewers assign a rating (out of five stars) for each of the classes and with the other studetns of the class and an automatic overall rating for the class and from all the classes an automatic overall rating for the Teacher.

Each student in the life of the teacher contribute a portion of these reviews.


Our reviewers are the direct students of our teachers and academies. Just one student by invitation of the teacher can write the review in the teacher´s profile. The student is free to review or not review one teacher. We just give the tools, now the teachers and studetns have to choose if use it or not.

Deciding What to Review

The student, as a reviewer have to uderstand is not the same one teacher with Level T1 that one teacher with Level T6

For educational of second langauges, we indicate each teacher’s teaching potential on a five-point scale:

We rate something best, good, fair, or not for learning

5 dots: Really engaging, excellent learning approach.

4 dots: Engaging, very good learning approach.

3 dots: Pretty engaging, good learning approach.

2 dots: Somewhat engaging, OK learning approach.

1 dot: Not recommended for learning.

You should look at several aspects of each teacher you review to determine its learning rating:

  • Engagement: Is it engaging, fun, absorbing?
  • Learning approach: Is the learning central and not secondary to the experience? Is it relevant and transferable to real life? Does it build concepts and deep understanding? Do students get exposure to a diversity of people and situations?
  • Support and extensions: Are there opportunities and resources to support, strengthen, and extend learning? Do students get feedback about their performance? Is the teacher accessible to a variety of audiences?

Updating Teachers Reviews

Teacher Reviews are updated [each time one student review one class] to keep them factually accurate and current. Some of these updates involve changing the rating. We always consult developers when updating a review; however, unless a review has factual inaccuracies, the decision to update the review is an editorial decision based on our coverage needs.

Level of teacher

We consult the privacy policies for tools we review and do our best to alert educators to any major concerns. However, we don’t currently evaluate the full details of each policy and can’t reevaluate policies as they’re updated. Generally, we also don’t evaluate a tool’s actual practices. We encourage students to read the cv of the teacher and metodology to determine whether they’re satisface with the level of the teacher.

Teacher Reviews

The teacher can show in the profile….