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      Frank Hysys

      Aspen HYSYS is the leading process simulation software in energy industry; it is being used by top oil and gas producers all over the globe and also in refineries and engineering companies for process optimization.

      As the leading innovator in process simulation software for more than 30 years, Aspen HYSYS provides greater accuracy, integration and ongoing innovation than any other process simulation tool for the energy industry.

      There are many highly efficient and advanced features which make Hysys unique and very useful for professional in corresponding fields, such as:

      • Industry Standard for Process Simulation
      • Save Time with Workflow-Oriented Solutions
      • View training resources for Aspen HYSYS
      • Do More with a Single Simulation Environment
      • Improve Refinery Operations and Planning
      • Optimize the Entire Gas Plant
      • Ensure Process Safety
      • Get a More Detailed View of Your Distillation Columns
      • Optimize Gathering and Production Systems
      • Use Models to Support Plant Operations


      Aspen recently released v12 of Aspen Hysys October 5, 2020, users can boost profitability now by closing the gap between planning and actual operations through Aspen HYSYS’s V12 release, also can update refinery planning models with streamlined workflows using process simulation solutions calibrated to plant operations and solve large-scale models quickly through equation-oriented solver technology.


      We ExpertCRK are glad to announce that we successfully cracked the latest version v12 of Aspen Hysys and it is available now in very cheap and economical price as compare to legal license, a brief about difference between legal license and our cracked license is as follows:

      – License Validity: Legal License is normally provided for a specific time period, mostly for one year, however our crack license will be for life time.

      – License Type: Legal License is limited for One PC only, our cracked version is not limited for One PC, and users may install and use it on as many computers as they want.

      – License Protection: Legal License is protected with Dongle / Software Key, however there is no need of any dongle to run cracked version.

      – Price: We guarantee that price of our cracked version is roughly 100 times lower then legal license.

      – Salient Features of our services: We are team of Professional Crackers in the field for last more than 15 years and had been serving numerous clients over the globe, software provided by us are fully cracked and tested by professionals in correspondence field. We provide step by step installation guidelines which make it very easy for users to install and configure the software, if needed we offer our services free of cost to access your PC remotely and install and make the software ready for you, furthermore we guarantee after sale support from our side, in case of any problem related to our software you may contact us any time and will get our support.

      In addition to above noted features, we guarantee that cracked version works 100% exactly same as legal license, there is no any difference.

      If you need Aspen Hysys v12 or any other Engineering Software, do not think twice to contact us on our email ID i.e

      Note: Our services are to help and support professionals in the field, we always suggest using any of our software for educational and learning purpose only to enhance your skills.

      Thanks & Regards,


      List of few latest additions of software:

      AMETank V13.9.25
      Aspen Technology aspenONE V12.0
      Aspen Technology Hysys V12.0
      AVEVA Bocad V3.2
      AVEVA Electrical V12.1.SP4
      AVEVA Everything3D™ V3.2
      AVEVA Instrumentation V12.1.SP4
      AVEVA P&ID V12.1.SP2
      AVEVA PDMS V12.1.SP2
      BR&E Promax V3.2.13116.0
      Caxperts 3D Edit and ReportAdapter V02.00.2001.1501
      Caxperts 3D SymbolDesigner V09.00.2010.2201
      Caxperts DrawingXpert V01.00.1809.1402
      Caxperts PDS AdminTool V04.03.00.10
      Caxperts S3D2PDS V01.01.1702.202
      Caxperts SpecManager V02.05.00.26
      Caxperts SpecXpert V02.03.2007.3002
      Dnv Phast & Safeti V6.7
      DYADEM PHA Pro V8.3.2.0
      ESI Pipeline Studio V4.0.1.0
      Halliburton Landmark EDM & EDT V5000.
      HTRI Xchanger Suite V7.3.2
      IHS Energy Perform V7.53
      IHS Energy QUE$TOR V2019 Q3
      Intergraph CADWorx E&I V2014 HF1
      Intergraph Cadworx OrthoGen V10.00.00.5061
      Intergraph CadWorx Plant V2020
      Intergraph Caesar II V2020
      Intergraph PDS V2011 SP1 (12.0.01)
      Intergraph PV Elite V2020
      Intergraph Smart 3D V2018 (
      Intergraph Smart Instrumentation V2020
      Intergraph Smart Instrumentation V2018 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant Isometrics V2016 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical V2015R1 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant Engineering Manager V2014 R1 HF3(
      Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation V2019 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant Markup Plus V2019 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID v2019 (
      Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2015R1 HF1
      Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen V2014R1 HF2
      Intergraph Tank V2014 SP2
      KAPPA Ecrin V5.3
      KAPPA Emeraude V5.3
      KAPPA Server V5.3
      KAPPA Server V5.3
      KAPPA Workstation V5.3
      KBC PETRO-SIM V4.0 SP1
      Leica Cyclone 3DR V2020.1.2
      Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 V2020.1
      Leica Cyclone V2020.1
      Paradigm Sysdrill V10 SP2
      Paulin Research Group (PRG) V2018
      Petro-SIM V5.1
      Schlumberger Eclipse V2019.1
      Schlumberger OFM V2019.1
      Schlumberger Petrel V2019.1
      Schlumberger PIPESIM V2019.1
      Schlumberger Techlog V2019
      Shell FRED V4.0
      Solid Plant 3D V2016R1 (1.0.5)
      Solid Plant P&ID V2016 (1.0.1)
      Solid Works V2016 SP3
      SPT Group Drillbench V6.2

      Contact :

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